January 30, 2023
What is VSAT

What is VSAT? – Do you know What is VSAT ? Friends, there was a time when we could use the internet very little. And compared to before, if seen today, even 2-3 GB of data per day falls short for our use. of today Digital Internet has become very important for everyone in this era. But the sad thing is that today internet is not being accessible everywhere. Today in this post we will tell about one such internet related technology named VSAT. Today in this post you will know VSAT what is. What is the full form of VSAT, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is VSAT

The Internet we use now reaches us through a line through optical fiber. These lines have been established inside the oceans and the earth. But it is difficult to reach these Lines and Cables in every corner of the world, due to which we cannot use High Speed ​​Internet connection in many places. In today’s present era, we want that we can use the internet by staying in any corner of the world. To fulfill this desire, we can rely on a new technology VSAT. Which can prove to be useful in future.

What is VSAT?

VSAT literally means “Very Small Aperture Terminal”. Its other name is Satellite Communication earth station or Micro Earth station. It is a satellite communication system developed in the mid-1980s. Because VSAT is derived from the traditional satellite communication system, it is also called satellite mini data station or personal earth station. It is a technology that provides internet connectivity in extremely remote areas and remote locations. With the help of this, you are provided with network facility for domestic as well as business users.

VSAT meaning Talking about it, it has a simple meaning, just as you use DTH, you can access the Internet at any place using a similar machine. The name of that machine is VSAT.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) first emerged in the United States in the 1980s, and its rapid development marks a turning point in the development of satellite communication technology for over 30 years. There are two types of VSAT system. is a two-way VSAT system, which is controlled by a central station with multiple VSAT terminals to provide services such as data transmission, voice and fax; The other is a one-way VSAT system, in which signals such as pictures and data are transmitted from a central station to multiple single-receive VSAT terminals.

The VSAT system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. When talking about an outdoor unit or radio frequency device, it consists of a small-diameter antenna, a down converter and various amplifiers. Its indoor unit consists of IF and a baseband device, which includes modem, AIDS decoder. It varies depending on the type of Special Creation Services.

VSAT networks can be divided into three categories according to the nature of the network: Data communication network, Voice communication network and Tv satellite communication.

VSAT full form

VSAT Of full form Happen is Very Small Aperture Terminals.

How is the VSAT system designed?

The VSAT satellite communication system consists of two parts: space and ground.

space Of stake

The space part of the Space VSAT Satellite Communication System is a satellite. Generally, Geostationary orbit communication satellites are used for this. Satellites can operate in different frequency bands. The transmit power of the transmitter on the satellite should be as large as possible so that the antenna size of the VSAT Ground Terminal can be reduced.

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Earth Of stake

The main part of the Ground VSAT Satellite Communication System is made up of a hub station, a remote station and a network control unit. The function of a hub station is to collect data from the satellite and then distribute the data to each remote station. The remote station is the main part of the satellite communication network. The VSAT satellite communication network is made up of several remote stations. The more these stations are, the lower the cost of each station. Typically, the remote station is installed directly at the user’s location and connected with the user’s terminal equipment.

Types of VSAT

The type of VSAT is divided into two bases.

Types of VSATs by Service

According to the main types of VSAT services, it can be divided into two types:

  1. VSAT system Voice services- Such networks are mainly used for the transmission of voice signals from public networks and private networks. It also provides interactive data services.
  2. VSAT system data servicesIn addition to data communication, this network can also provide fax and a small amount of voice services.

The VSAT system is based on integrated services, for example, the pictures and sound signals received can be used as the signal source of cable TV which can be transmitted to the user’s home through cable distribution network.

How does VSAT work?

VSAT provides a way to interface between the consumer’s computer and the external antenna with the transceiver. The main role of the transceiver is to receive and send signals to a satellite transponder in the sky. There are three main components under VSAT technology.

Their role is to form a star topology together and this mesh topology becomes possible for small networks using satellite networks.

This happens at a distance of 3 meters or more from the Earth station. VSAT Remedy with the help of communication system works to provide services to the consumer for home and business users.

The satellite works by sending and receiving signals through a computer located on the earth station, which acts as a hub for your system. Each end-user is connected to a hub station via a satellite in a star topology.

For one end user to communicate with the other, each transmission must first pass through the hub station that serves to aid in that satellite to the other end user’s VSAT. The role of VSAT is mainly to handle the data, voice and video signals of the consumer.

That is, alternatively only one option is available for communication in the remote area, we know it by the name of VSAT.

Uses of VSAT

Whenever there is mention about the usefulness of VSAT, it is used by all of us in every household.

The use of VSAT technology is known as DERPC. This service provided by the same private companies is called VSAT work.

VSAT is widely used in news, meteorology, civil aviation, civil air defence, banking, petroleum, earthquake and military departments and communication in remote areas.

Benefits of VSAT

  • VSAT terminals are available at nominal rates. VSAT terminals And can be connected to home exhaust hardware such as trucks and vans and is also used in case of mobility.
  • VSAT Through this, users can also send voice and video in addition to data.
  • VSAT It will also be useful for providing Internet access.

Disadvantages of VSAT

  • The biggest disadvantage of VSAT is that it consumes a lot of time to connect to the satellite. The reason behind this is that a part of its system is found to be located contemporary to the Earth.
  • There is no clear line between the network established by VSAT and the satellite in space. Air is used to carry the information sent by VSAT to the letter. Therefore it can also be hacked, so this medium has to be improved in terms of security, so that communication is possible in a secure way.
  • VSAT To connect, users need a VSAT connection ie an external antenna.
  • You will be a little surprised to know that to establish contact with the satellite, such a place should be kept towards the south direction.

last word,

Today in this post I told about VSAT, a technology of Satellite Internet. I hope this information will be useful for you. If you liked this post, do share it with other people. If you have any question related to this post, then do let us know by commenting.

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