January 23, 2023
Vivek Mishra Biography

Vivek Mishra Biography

Vivek Mishra Biography – Friends, if you watch YouTube, then you must have heard the name of Vivek Mishra ie (Golden Bhaiya) and if you have not heard, then today in this article we are going to give you complete information about Vivek Mishra (Golden Bhaiya) that means his life. All the facts related to and related to work are going to give information.

Vivek Mishra Biography in English

Vivek Golden real name is Vivek Mishra. He is a very popular Indian Youtuber, Comedy Content Creator, Prankster and Social Media Celebrity. He started his YouTube channel in December 2018 by creating funny pranks and social awareness related content, and has gained a lot of popularity through his work.

He successfully establishes himself as a social media celebrity through his hard work and skills. Currently his channel has 1.2 million subscribers with 60K followers on Instagram.

Name Vivek Mishra
nick name Vivek Golden
father’s name Ranveer Nishra
Mother’s name Janhvi Mishra
birth place Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh
Birth 12 June 1994
Age 27 Years (2022)
profession Businessman / IT Engineer / YouTuber / Social Influencer / Ethical Hacker
Youtube channel VIVIEK GOLDEN
education IIT Engineering (Graduate)
school Delhi Public School
siblings A sister
friend name Manisha Rani
girlfriend Riya Pandit
married Single
souk Gym and traveling
Monthly Earnings 5 Lakh Months (According to 2022) Not confirmed
home town New Delhi India
instagram followers 60,000+
Religion Hindu
caste Pandit
youtube subscriber 1 million 3 lakh
net worth 60 Lakh ( 6 Million Rupees).
youtube channel create date 16 December 2018

Family and Birth of Vivek Mishra

Vivek Golden was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar, India on 12 June 1994. His age is 27 years as of 2022. Presently, they are living in New Delhi, India. According to some other confirmed news, he was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Maybe because he is seen in his YouTube channel as the Nawab of Lucknow, he completed his early education from his village school, he always thought of something new, then he continued his studies and went to Delhi for further studies. .

Talking about his family, his father is not in this world when his father died then Vivek was very young at that time, due to which he was also responsible for his house, so he worked hard and diligently today along with being an engineer. At present, a good IT company is also working on big posts and also runs a YouTube channel in which they make prank videos, along with their videos, they also do social message and awareness work to their YouTube channel given below. Once you see, you get to learn something along with entertainment.

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Vivek Mishra’s girlfriend

His actual relationship status is unknown to us but as per the rumors on social media, he is in a relationship with Rhea Pandit.

Education of Vivek Mishra (Golden Boy)

  • Vivek Golden is an IT Engineer by education from a very famous university.
  • He started making Youtube videos in December 2018 and has successfully established himself as a Youtuber with around 1.3 million subscribers by 2022.
  • He usually makes funny prank videos, social experiments and charity related videos on his channel.
  • Unlike other prank channels in India, Vivek never used any adult or pornographic content on his channel
  • Vivek is very fond of gold and luxury cars.

Vivek Mishra’s (Golden Boy) relationship with YouTube

Friends, you will find many youtubers on youtube but the thing about golden brother is something else, there is something different in making his videos, which everyone likes, so people watch him in million, Vivek Golden is a little different from the rest of youtube because he makes his videos. I do a social work along with prank videos, also give social messages to people.

In his video, Vivek reaches out to unknown people, especially girls, and tries to talk to them, records that reaction in his camera, and at the end of the video, he tells that it was a joke, it was a prank and the camera is in front. just kidding you

Vivek Bhai had created his YouTube channel named ‘Vivek Golden’ on 16th December 2018 and he put the first video in it on 18th December 2018, then he started putting videos continuously and he started getting good results. The main subject of his video was prank, There is social experiment, entertainment etc.

Social Life of Vivek Mishra (Golden Boy)

Along with Vivek Golden Youtuber, there is also a Nick Dil Ishan, he also works for the society, he helps poor people and if someone is in trouble, he also helps them, he always wants to help the needy, you can watch his video. Seeing this, you can find out how heartfelt Ishan is, his behavior makes him very different from others, he is a true patriot and by this work he is known, he says that money is today not tomorrow and tomorrow is not today but Honesty should always be alive, Vivek Bhaiya spends a lot of his earnings in all service works.

What is the net worth of Vivek Mishra (Golden Boy)

Vivek Mishra’s income is estimated to be Rs 60 lakhs and his monthly earnings can be between Rs 4 to 5 lakhs or can be more or less, he has many sources of earning like Businessman / IT Engineer / Youtube / Social Influencer / Their earning from ethical hacker etc. becomes 4 times.

Q: Who is Vivek Golden?

ANS : He is a YouTube Content Creator, Comedian, and Social Worker who mainly gains popularity by creating Funny Prank videos.

Q: How much is Vivek Golden net worth?

ANS : Her estimated net worth is Rs 60 lakhs and her monthly income is between Rs 4 to 5 lakhs.

Q: What are his future plans?

ANS : He will continue to work as a Youtuber.

Q: What is the name of Vivek Golden’s girlfriend?

ANS : Riya Mishra

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