January 30, 2023
Nabard Scheme 2022

Nabard Scheme 2022 – Registration, Subsidy, Online Application, Form | Dairy Farming Scheme Online Application | NABARD Dairy Scheme 2022 Bank Subsidy | Nabard Dairy Yojana 2022 Get complete information about the application form and subsidy from this article. At present, unemployment has emerged as a big problem with the youth in India, due to which the economic system of India is getting weak. Keeping this deficiency in mind, the central government starts many schemes. The name of one such scheme is NABARD Scheme or NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme. Today in this article what is Nabard Yojana? What is its purpose, eligibility, and how to apply? and how to take advantage. For this you have to read this article till the end.

Nabard Scheme : What is NABARD Scheme 2022?

nabard scheme 2022 This is a good scheme started by the central government. As you all know that during the Corona period, the economic system of the farmers of the country was shaken, keeping in mind that the Finance Minister of the country, Mrs. Nirmal Sitharaman has started NABARD Yojana or NABARD Dairy Scheme. The Finance Minister has said that in this scheme, the farmers of India will get almost 30,000 crores Decided to provide refinance assistance. Under this scheme, this money will be given to the government through co-operative banks. About 3 crore farmers have been estimated to benefit from this scheme.

Nabard Scheme 2022

In this scheme, along with animal husbandry, the sector of fisheries will be taken forward. Dairy farming has also been included in this scheme. Due to which unemployed youth will get employment in many rural areas. Under this scheme, dairy farms will be set up for the production of milk in the country and at the same time milk production will also be increased. Under this scheme, everything will be machine based, for the care of cow buffaloes, for protecting the cows, making ghee etc. Any applicant who wants to take advantage of this scheme can register online under this scheme.

Nabard Dairy Yojana

The main objective of this scheme is to provide employment to the unemployed youth in the rural areas of the country. Running dairy farming is very chaotic, but under the NABARD scheme, the dairy industry will be organized and run smoothly. Through this scheme the youth self-employment To provide and develop the dairy sector. Through this scheme, people have to get loans without interest so that people can run their business easily, so that the unemployment of our country ends and along with this the economic system of our country can be strengthened.

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Nabard dairy scheme 2022 bank subsidy

  • In this scheme, subsidy is given to make new units of machines for making milk products.
  • Due to this scheme, applicants can buy equipment of new technologies related to milk production.
  • For example, if you want to buy a machine through this scheme and its cost is around Rs 13 lakh, then you have to 25 percent (Rs. 3 lakhs) can get capital subsidy.
  • Apart from this, if you fall in the SC / ST category, then the government will give you a subsidy of about Rs 4 lakh for this.
  • In this scheme, the beneficiary will get the loan by the bank and 25 percent will go by the beneficiary. To take advantage of this scheme, the interested beneficiary should directly contact the bank.
  • Central government on starting dairy with five cows 50% subsidy Will get The remaining 50% of the balance amount will have to be paid to the bank in separate installments. But the farmer will have to provide proof of the cost of dairy, only then he will be entitled to 50% subsidy.

How many schemes are covered under NABARD scheme?

A total of nine schemes are included under the NABARD scheme, whose information is as follows:

First plan:– Establishment of a small dairy for indigenous milking cows/hybrid cows like Sahiwal, Rathi, Lal Sindhi, Gir etc./10 milch animals like buffalo.

  • Investment- In this, there will be an investment of Rs 5 lakh on dairy for 10 animals. Under this scheme, you can start with at least 2 animals, but to open a dairy for a maximum of 10 years, you will need an investment of five lakh rupees for a dairy of 10 animals.
  • Subsidy: – The subsidy available in this will be 25 percent and SC / ST category will get 33.3 percent subsidy.

Second plan:- At least 20 heifers – rearing of calves.

  • Investment amount: In this scheme, investment of up to Rs 80 lakh in 20 calves or units of heifer.
  • Bank Subsidy:- In this scheme at least 25% subsidy will be given for 20 calves. This subsidy is up to 1,25,000 lakhs and SC / ST people will be given capital up to 1,60,000. It will have 33.3 percent subsidy.

Third plan:– For vermicompost and compost.

  • Investment- Twenty thousand will have to be invested in this scheme.
  • Subsidy:- If a person invests about Rs 4.50 lakh in this scheme, then he gets 25 percent and SC / ST category people get 33.3 percent subsidy.

Fourth Plan:– Purchase of milk testers/milk dispensers and refrigerators with a capacity of up to 2000 liters to cool the milk.

  • Investment- In this scheme investment up to Rs 18 lakh is made.
  • Subsidy: – The subsidy given in this scheme is about Rs 4.50 lakh i.e. 25 percent subsidy and SC / ST will be given six lakh i.e. 33.3% subsidy.

Fifth Plan:– Purchase of dairy processing equipment for indigenous milk production

  • Investment- Rs 12 lakh will have to be invested in this scheme.
  • Subsidy: – In this scheme also 25% subsidy will be given and 33.3% subsidy will be given to SC / ST category.

Sixth Plan:- Dairy Product Transportation Facilities and Cold Chain Establishment

  • Investment- Rs 24 lakh will have to be invested to start this scheme.
  • Subsidy: – In this scheme, a loan of about Rs.7,50,000 lakh will be given by the government. In which a subsidy of 25% will be available and SC / ST category people will get a loan of up to ten lakh rupees, which will give a subsidy of 33.3 percent.

Seventh Plan:- Storage facility for storing milk and milk products.

  • Investment- In this scheme, people of rural areas of the country will have to invest 30 lakh rupees.
  • Bank Subsidy: – In this scheme also 25 percent subsidy will be given and 33.3 percent subsidy will be given to SC / ST category.

Eighth Plan:- Establishment of private veterinary hospital.

  • Investment Amount – In this scheme, the applicant has to invest Rs. 2.40 lakh for mobile clinic and Rs. 1.80 lakh for stationary clinic.
  • Subsidy: – In this scheme also 25% subsidy will be given and 33.3% subsidy will be given to SC / ST category.

Ninth Plan:- Dairy Marketing Outlet / Dairy Parlor Scheme.

  • Investment- It is necessary to invest Rs 56 thousand in this scheme.
  • Subsidy: – In this scheme also 25% subsidy will be given and SC / ST category will be given 33.3% subsidy.

Who can apply under NABARD scheme?

The applicants who can apply for this scheme are as follows:

  • Farmer
  • entrepreneur
  • companies
  • non co-operative organization
  • organized group
  • unorganized group

From which banks subsidy can be taken for NABARD Dairy Scheme?

  • commercial Bank
  • regional bank
  • state co-operative bank
  • rural development bank

Eligibility: Who can apply for NABARD Scheme – Bank Subsidy Scheme?

The applicants who want to apply in this scheme are as follows-

  • Farmers, entrepreneurs, companies etc. can apply under this scheme.
  • Only one person can apply once under this scheme.
  • In this scheme, a person can get assistance for all the components (schemes mentioned above), but only once for each component.

How to Apply Online for NABARD Scheme 2022?

If you are thinking of applying online for Nabard Dairy Yojana, then definitely read the information given in this article:

  • First of all, the applicant has to apply for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). official website But have to go. After visiting it, you will see a new home page.
  • on this page you information Centre option will appear. After clicking on this option a new page will open for you.
  • On this page, you have to click on the option of Download PDF as per your plan. By doing this the complete form of the scheme will open in front of you. After filling this form the applicant has to click on the submit button.

Offline Application: NABARD Scheme 2022 Application Form

You can also apply for this scheme offline, for which you will have to contact your nearest NABARD office or bank branch.

  • First of all, you should choose which type of dairy farm you want to open and how much money you are going to need for that.
  • If you want to open dairy farm under NABARD scheme, then you have to go to NABARD office of your district.
  • If you want to open small dairy farm then you should contact your nearest bank branch.
  • After this, fill your application form and submit it there and take advantage of the subsidy given by the government. And work on growing your dairy farm.
  • If you want to set up big dairy then you have to prepare your project and file it in NABARD office. For more details check the website of NABARD.

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FAQs – NABARD Scheme 2022 (NABARD Dairy Scheme)

Question: Is there any helpline number for NABARD Dairy Scheme?

answer: Yes, the helpline number issued for the NABARD scheme is as follows:

Question: How much subsidy will be available under NABARD Scheme 2022?

answer: Under the Nabard Dairy Yojana, the government provides different subsidies according to the project or dairy size. But if we understand broadly, then the government will get a subsidy of up to 25% on the project amount for the general category people, while the applicants of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will get a subsidy of 33.33% on the project amount.

If you want to ask us any question regarding NABARD Scheme 2022, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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